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— 抽象⼭景畫系列

Abstract Mountainscapes

by Helen Hu

“Fantastic World” is a series of abstract mountainscapes by Helen Hu. Growing up, Hu's home was filled with paintings, in particular Chinese landscapes. As a young girl the artist observed as her father's hand flowed along the mountains. She had always loved to see how the paintings developed and changed over time. Her family had immigrated to Germany in the 1970's. Though the artist was surrounded by Chinese culture at home she was growing and developing in a western environment. This fusion of east and west shaped the artist and her works for this series. Bringing together her past, present, and future.

A traditional Chinese topic produced with a modern western approach in medium, technique and colour. The artist's decision to work on a circular base has been inspired by the “Yin-Yang” symbol, which firstly embodies her bi-cultural upbringing, and secondly, is representative of “unity”, “perfection” and “oneness” in Chinese culture. The artist pays homage to her roots in theme, yet in vision, medium and technique we see the western influence.

In a world of information overflow, flashing screens and an accelerating speed of life, the works are inviting the viewer to slow down. As if looking through the porthole of a ship and it sails calmly across the sea from one world the next. The paintings pull you in through their vivid colours and offer a window looking out into a new and fantastic world, the world of imagination.

“奇幻世界” 是 Helen Hu 創作的抽象⼭景畫系列。她成長的家中總是擺滿畫作, 尤其是中國的風景畫。⼩時候的她,常觀察著父親的⼿在畫布上揮灑著⼭⽔, 她總是著迷於看著畫作隨時間累積後的堆疊和變化。70年代, 由於家人移⺠到德國, 藝術家 Helen 從⼩在家裡接觸的是中國⽂化, 也同時在西方的環境中成長和發展。最後, 這樣的中⻄結合塑造了藝術家 Helen 和她這次展出的作品系列, 將她的過去、當下和未來匯集在一起。

藝術家 Helen 選擇將作品以圓形為基礎, 是受到「陰陽」的啟發,「圓」也代表著中華⽂化中的 「團圓」、「圓滿」和「完整」的概念。藝術家透過傳統的中國主題向她的文化根源 致敬, 也在視覺, 媒介和技術上細緻的整合了來⾃⻄方的影響, 更加體現了她的雙⽂化養成。

在一個資訊氾濫, 螢幕閃爍和⽣活速度加快的世界中, 她的作品想邀請觀眾放慢腳步, 彷彿正從一艘船的舷窗望出去, 我們靜地航⾏在大海上從這個世界漂到另⼀個。這些畫作通過鮮豔的⾊彩吸引你, 並且打開了一個窗口讓你向外望去, ⼀個奇幻世界, ⼀個具有想像⼒的世界。

Helen is a German born and raised Chinese artist. Spending all her early youth in Germany, at 18 years old she moved to Beijing where she studied New Media Art at the Beijing Film Academy. On a constant quest for discovery, her works grow and evolve, as does the medium she experiments with. Her works have ranged from video art, photography works, collages to mixed media abstract and figurative paintings.

Helen 是一位出生和成長於德國的華裔藝術家。她在⼗八歲的時候搬去北京, 畢業於北京電影學院新媒體藝術。在不斷尋求及探索的過程中, 她的作品不斷發展且逐步進化, 同時也嘗試使⽤多種的媒介。 她的作品包括錄像藝術, 攝影作品, 拼貼畫, 多媒體抽象藝術和具象畫作。


love deeply.png

“Love deeply”

Surrender yourself, sink slowly and softly into love. Let it emanate from your entire being, showing you more than you thought possible. As we love deeply so too does all creation. Love did not begin or end, it simply is.


放飛⾃我,慢而輕地陷入愛。 讓它源於你的整個生命,向你展示比你能想像的更多的東西。當我們愛得更深的時候所有生命會跟著我們愛得更深。愛情沒有開始,沒有結束它永遠存在。


Mixed Media on wood panel


sublime indifference of nature.png

“The sublime indifference of nature”

All problems seem small and insignificant in the face of nature who will heal and thrive without us.


面對⼤自然,所有的問題似乎都 是微不足道。沒有我們, 大自然 ⼀樣會癒合和發展。


Mixed Media on wood panel


music of the wild.png

“Music of the wild”
All creation dances in a wild fervor. Its

relentless beat is so loud that many may never truly hear it. Yet, it is the most profound of all music we could ever wish to hear and it may be heard effortlessly. For a moment perhaps, listen.


所有的創作都在熱地跳舞。 它孜不倦的節奏如此響亮,以至於許多人可能從未真正聽到過它。 它是最深奧的⾳樂,並且我 們能毫不費⼒地聽到它。靜下來聽⼀聽。


Mixed Media on wood panel


guide you home.png

“Guide you home”

The softness of life. We are all on our way home, the inevitable death. Being alive together is walking home together.


生活的柔軟。我們都在回家的路上, 不可避免的死亡。⼀起活著就是⼀起走回家。


Mixed Media on wood panel


in search for light.png

“In search for light”

Sometimes we let the darkness drown us, while we could choose to see light. Always try to find light.


有時我們讓黑暗淹沒我們, 當我們可以選擇看到光明時。持續著尋找光吧。


Mixed Media on wood panel


blissfully lost.png

“Blissfully lost”

When you put your attention in the destination, your mind is in the future with your heart in the now. Put your mind into the present and you will start to love the view.


當你將注意力放在⽬的地時, 你 的⼼神就在未來來, 而你的心會在當下。 把你的心神放在當下,  你就會愛上沿途的風景。


Mixed Media on wood panel


collective consciousness.png

“Collective consciousness”

The united awareness and belief in things is what makes them become “real”.
We are consciousness.




Mixed Media on wood panel


moving mountains.png

“Moving mountains”

Steps can be heavy
when we carry the weight of the world. Yet lightly we may tread
when inspired by beautiful intentions.


我們承載世界的重量時, 腳步可能很重。 當我們被美麗的意圖啟發時, 腳步一定很輕。


Mixed Media on wood panel


scent of freedom.png

“Scent of freedom”

The smell of salt, of seaweed and sand.
A kiss by the water, the wind and the sun.


海鹽, 海藻和沙子的味道。 來自水, 風和陽光的親吻。


Mixed Media on wood panel


voicing dreams.png

“Voicing dreams”

Voicing your deepest dreams and desires is unsettling because it makes us vulnerable. There’s an underlying fear that people may judge or ridicule us for what our hearts long for. But never let that stop you from standing with your heart’s yearnings, striving for what it needs. Voicing your dreams is the first step of carrying it into “reality”.



表達您最深切的夢想和願望令人不安, 因為它使我們脆弱。大家 擔心別人會批判或者嘲笑我們內⼼的渴望。 但是永遠不要讓那些恐懼阻止你內⼼的嚮往。 表達出夢想是將夢想帶入“現實”的 第一步。


Mixed Media on wood panel


All artwork displayed here is property of Helen Hu. For purchase inquires please contact

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